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Your Fashionable, Durable, Versatile Tieks


Tieks are versatile shoes. They come in four primary styles: classics, prints, patents, and vegan. Classics are made with standard leather, prints are as well but have patterns rather than solid colors, patents are made with patent leather, and vegans are made without animal products.

They are made in Italy and are popular all over the world. They can only be bought on the website Boutiek; although they can sometimes be found on Poshmark. Vegan Tieks are the cheapest, costing $175. They are easy to transport and are durable in addition to being considered very versatile. To be such a highly-recommended shoe they can be surprisingly cheap.

They come in a variety of colors. The most popular are California Navy, Ballerina Pink, Matte Black, Rouge, Poppy, Lovestruck, Taupe, and Chestnut, in no particular order. The neutral colors are considered the most versatile. These neutral colors are California Navy, Ballerina Pink, Matte Black, Taupe, and Chestnut. They are sometimes offered in unique, limited-edition styles and colors. There are customization quizzes available to determine which color and style best suits your needs.

Tieks shoes are popular. Some people have owned five pairs in six years. That is a rate of a new pair purchased every fourteen months. It is not because they are quickly exhausted, it is because they are just that popular. These are a shoe wherein someone calculated that they took one-million four-hundred-thousand two-hundred-sixty-three steps before experiencing any wear-out. They are easy to clean and maintain. Simple leather shoe polish works for some. Others simply use a damp cloth.

Tarrago Shoe Cream is recommended by some. Definitely, these are a popular shoe. Invariably, people will want to know where you got your shoes. They are a thing coveted by many and possessed by far fewer. So go be stylish! Click here for more information.


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