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Why Direct Selling Company, QNET is Falsely Accused as Part of the Ponzi Scam

Direct selling has a long history, dating back to the late 1800s as a trading method for traveling salespeople. QNET, a global e-commerce firm, has clients and distributors all over the world. Most of the company’s distribution team, known as Independent Representatives (IRs), are located in under-developed continents, like the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

QNET fundamentally introduces direct marketing opportunities to countries with little prior experience with this type of sales strategy. QNET is an excellent choice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a middle-ground company to help them get the resources they need.

QNET, as a direct sales firm, provides its buyers with actual items, after-sale services and pays them a commission on those things. Customers can buy items effectively from QNET or can also be independent salespeople. IRs can earn from QNET’s compensation scheme, which gives commissions depending on the distribution of goods and services.

It offers rigorous learning programs for IRs to guarantee they have all the abilities necessary to capitalize on the possibilities presented to them. QNET requires its authorities to ensure that all representatives adhere to their ethical standards. Its founders understand what it’s like to get engaged with the wrong kind of people.

The founders began as distributors for a direct selling firm in the 1990s and established a two thousand meshwork of distributors. They immediately discovered that the business was deceiving them and withholding their commissions for no reason. They subsequently decided to start their own business based on ethics and honesty.

The firm was formerly known as Gold Quest, but in 2010, it was renamed QuestNet, which was then abbreviated to QNET. The organization teaches people the fundamentals of selling, a lifetime talent that all should apply to so many parts of life. Everyone, a worker or not, can learn from QNET’s significant successes.

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