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The Success of Hauser Insurance Firm

Hauser Insurance is an equity fund manager formed to invest with the lower and middle market through partnership and control of buyout funds. The organization helps other companies in management, growth of company’s equity, and special situation funds. The organization is equipped with multi-industry expertise and partners who define targets and improve company returns. Mark Hauser is the entrepreneur behind the establishment and growth of Hauser Private Equity situated in Los Angeles and Chicago. The establishment of the private equity management firm can be traced back to 2008.

Hauser Insurance has grown under the management of Mark Hauser to the world’s most trusted business media that equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools they need to build strong and great companies. The management firm is ranked among the best 5000 companies reaching out and helping more than 50 million clients per month. A Founder-Friendly program designs magazines to be awarded to the best performing company of the year. The program supports the companies listed to accelerate growth, become more prestigious, and increase generated revenue. Companies willing to participate in the Founder-Friendly program have to pay a joining entry fee.

A list of recognized firms that entrepreneurs can trust and partner with to receive support that can accelerate growth and help manage the firms. The founders of the companies filled questionnaires about their experience with the partnership, list the improvement as a result of collaboration with Hauser Private Equity fund Management Company. Mark Hauser has successfully led the company over the years, mainly focusing on building a good reputation of the company to the client. Hauser Insurance has directly invested and partnered with Revelstoke on several occasions through which Hauser private company has been honored by Revelstoke for the success of most of the projects done to completion via partnership.

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