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Steph Korey’s 2022 Predictions of the U.S. Investment Landscape

Steph Korey, an angel investor, holds a BA in International Relations from Brown University. Her entrepreneurial success is attributed to her entrepreneurial spirit and multi-cultural background. Before she started her entrepreneurial journey, she served as the head of the supply chain at Warby Parker. Steph Korey’s gained inspiration to pursue an MBA while working at Warby Parker. While pursuing her MBA at Columbia Business School, she worked as a merchandise strategy consultant at Casper. In 2015, she co-founded Away, a female-backed company that raised $156 million. Currently, she is an angel/early-stage investor.


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As a successful investor and entrepreneur, Steph Korey understands the dynamics of the U.S. investment landscape. The decision-making process in the investment landscape is usually influenced by three factors; potential investment targets, external factors, and investors’ goals and resources. In addition, extensive marketing analysis and due diligence are crucial in decision-making. Korey emphasized the need for investors to understand the current trends in the U.S. investment landscape. Based on the current economic situation and the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, she highlights key investment trends that new investors need to incorporate in their decision-making process.

According to Steph Korey, the Federal Reserve interest rate is likely to go up because of the economic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Secondly, inflation may become a severe issue in 2022, and the chances are high that it could go up, resulting in more serious economic difficulties. Thirdly, supply chain challenges will continue. Korey has an in-depth understanding of the supply chain, and she believes that the shortages experienced in 2021 are likely to continue in 2022. Lastly, the 2022 midterm elections could disrupt financial markets, which is common during elections.

Steph Korey is an accomplished investor, and she uses her understanding of the investment landscape to help new investors. She emphasizes the need for a new investor to find a good investment advisor to help in drafting an investment goal and designing a strategy. In addition, new investors should complete their pre-investment checklist and recognize the value of failure.

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