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 Sparkasse Bank Malta – A Trusted Partner in the Real Estate Industry

In 2000, the Austrian banking network established Sparkasse Bank Malta plc in Malta. Today, the company is a leading financial services provider in the country, with more than Euro8 billion in assets under custody and seven branches. The bank is licensed by the Central Securities Commission and the Malta Financial Services Authority. Its mandate is to provide investment services, depositories, and banking products to institutions and individuals. For this reason, it has many branches in Malta, including those serving the real estate industry.

The investment bank is headquartered in Sliema and operates in the UK and Ireland. The goal is to become the bank of choice for both individuals and corporate clients in Europe. It employs over 350 people and is a member of SWIFT and SEPA. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland and is the only Maltese financial institution to provide custody and depositary services to Irish UCITs. A full range of financial products is available through Sparkasse.

The bank provides investment, pension, and depositary services. The firm anticipates the growth of retirement schemes in Malta and has invested in systems and a strong custody network to meet this demand. A team of experienced professionals focuses on custody and depositary services, so you can be assured of expert guidance and responsiveness. With these capabilities, Sparkasse Bank Malta is well-positioned to serve clients’ needs. If you are looking for a trusted partner in the financial industry, look no further than Sparkasse Bank Malta.

Founded in 2000, Sparkasse Bank Malta plc is a full-service bank registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority. It provides depository services for over EUR8 billion in assets under custody. As a member of SWIFT and SEPA, the bank is also licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland and by the National Securities and Exchange Commission. This ensures a high level of service for clients. In addition to providing depositary services, Sparkasse Bank Malta provides a host of financial services and products to help their businesses thrive.

In addition to providing investment services, Sparkasse has a focus on retirement pension schemes. The bank has offices in both the UK and Malta, and it strives to be the bank of choice in the region for these companies. Besides its traditional banking services, the bank also offers a variety of products and services related to the fund and investment services sector. The aim is to become the leading financial institution in Europe in this area. For this purpose, the company has invested in various systems and has a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

A full-service bank, Sparkasse Bank Malta plc was established in 2000 and is a member of SEPA and SWIFT. It services a wide range of asset types, including private funds and UCITS. The bank is licensed by the Central banks of Ireland and Malta. It has a wide range of products and services. It has offices in Dublin and St. Julians. Its presence in both countries ensures that it serves the needs of fund managers and other financial institutions. Connect on facebook to see more of their posts.