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Krishen Iyer´s Achievements in the Insurance and Business Worlds

Krishen Iyer is the owner and creator of MAIS Consulting in Encinitas. He is a San Diego State University graduate and well-known for his business acumen and his depth of knowledge and experience in public administration and urban development. MAIS Consulting was founded following the sale of Managed Benefits Services by founder Krishen Iyer. Additionally, Managed Benefits Services was a national leader in contracting and marketing. 


MAIS Consulting was launched following this deal in early 2020. As a result, MAIS appears to be well-positioned to assist other businesses in achieving similar success through business development. Krishen Iyer enjoys spending time with his family, studying, and finances in his free time. Nelson Mandela’s quote “It’s always impossible until it’s done” is one of his favorite lines of wisdom.


Iyer is continually looking for new methods to grow his company and suit his customers’ requirements. He plans his day around meeting with customers first thing in the morning so he can spend the rest of the day addressing their concerns. In addition, Iyer devotes time to charitable causes in his community (Econotimes).

One of his causes is the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Mr Iyer was also active in Haiti’s post-earthquake assistance operations. Krishen Iyer is a sought-after speaker who has addressed Fortune 100 corporations and small enterprises. His down-to-earth speeches provide practical insights into real-life circumstances. Krishen Iyer also provides customized leadership programs. The E&Y Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards acknowledged him as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 to follow Twitter. In addition, LinkedIn Influencers selected him as one of the top ten marketing consultants to follow.