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How Mark Hauser Prepares For An Upcoming Acting Role

Mark Hauser was born in Michigan. He has been an onscreen actor as well as a voiceover actor since 1996. He has completed voiceover work for video games and animated films. He has also added his voiceover talent for commercials. Hauser’s typical day may involve working on a movie set. He sometimes encounters several takes while acting to ensure the scenes are done correctly. There are days when not acting on a set Hauser will research upcoming roles.

Mark Hauser before taking an acting role he imagines how the character will walk, talk, or respond to what occurs in the storyline. He also has the idea that he will bring the character to life for an audience. Hauser likes that printed media has increased in popularity. The young adult genre shows an increase in book sales. Hauser finds satisfaction in shutting down technology to enjoy reading books.

Mark Hauser believes by making a list of tasks to complete for the next day will help him be productive. He utilizes sticky notes instead of apps to help create the list of tasks. He gains a sense of accomplishment when he is able to cross a task off of his list. The advice he would give to his younger self would be no matter how much planning occurs for a business there will things that may not go according to plan. The person would have to learn to get past the frustration of things not happening as expected, and a person may discover other opportunities.

Mark Hauser as an entrepreneur seeks out opportunities in several different settings of life. He may find an opportunity by taking notice of a new business opening or he utilizes his network to find potential acting roles. Mark Hauser feels $100 was best spent on a massage. It allows him to relax and he feels refreshed afterward.