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Dr. Bharat Lall: Observing The Potential Associate

To maintain a positive working environment, you have to have employees that understand teamwork and will take on their duties with a purpose. Dr. Bharat Lall wants to create an effective work culture that cultivates caring and understanding of each person that he hires. It’s about finding the human side of that potential associate to make sure they will fit in with what the company stands for. Once that’s accomplished then you have happy customers and as well as happy employees. It’s a triangle effect that makes a business thrive.

Dr. Bharat Lall owns the Pinnacle Hotels in the United States. He was well on his way to becoming a doctor but wanted to take on the entrepreneurial spirit that dwelt inside him. It turned out to be the best move he ever made. Now, as he hires people who have passion and goals to be the best they can be, his chain of hotels is continuing to see growth. Having integrity is what he is looking for. When it comes to running a business, you need to know that the people you are hiring can be trusted, professional, and honest.

This will give you a distinct clue as to whether they would be the right person to have in the workplace. It is crucial to make sure that the qualities that you need are there in the person that you interview. Dr. Bharat Lall uses his method of determining whether a candidate is ready for what he offers in terms of opportunities. Observing what may be a future associate by what he says and understanding if he can work on a level that includes the entire hotel as a team is extremely important. Dr. Bharat Lall proven way of hiring people has paid off for him.