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 AM Bank CEO: HE Marwan Kheireddine

AM’S co-founder and the chairman HE Marwan Salim served as secretary for the state in Lebanese Government for 2 years 8 months since July 2011. He had a crucial role in the arrangement of economics, fiscal, and financial issues.

Due to his banking record, Marwan was placed in an especial placement to approve for initiating policies that secured Lebanon’s banking scheme besides strengthening its compliance with international norms and laws. Marwan was a leader in securing government agreement and drafting the markets law, cash limitation besides modernizing Laundering law. Marwan Kheireddine valid a driving part in regulating economic growth by allowing banks to finance in a technological establishment, venturing capital funds besides incubators.

Marwan Kheireddin was appointed three times on the Association board of banks, in Lebanon. In addition, Marwan was a Finance Lecturer at Beirut’s American University for 20 years since 2013. Marwan Kheireddin got appointed in Olayan Business School, Middle East Board, and American university in 2005 where he serves up to date Marwan joined Trustees’ Board at American school.

In 2012 where he worked as a committee member for policy studies, where he participates in initiating diverse advocacy initiatives, the conspicuous budget process, local governance besides judicial reform.

Marwan Khereddine was an Economic and Administration student at Richmond University and Cumbia School. Besides that, HE Marwan likes the arts. He followed his father’s footsteps ten years ago where he materialized on artists in Lebanese. Marwan has always had an interest in investments besides identifying artists who can survive. Learn more information HERE: