William Saito Untapped Market Potential

Japanese-American businessman and venture capitalist William Saito recently found himself in a new chapter of his professional life focusing on taking his cybersecurity knowledge into the global realm. William Saito is an entrepreneur at heart and as successful entrepreneurs continue to pursue personal improvement daily, so must their professional life reflect as well.


William Saito, born in Los Angeles, California in 1971 to parents who immigrated from Japan in the 1960’s. His passion for computer started in middle school and started helping small businesses by coding software applications in high school. To fulfill his parents, dream for him to be a doctor, he enrolled in the Biomedical Science Program at the University of Riverside with a joint program with UCLA.


While a student at UCR, from his dorm room he and a partner were getting requests to develop a custom software application for many electric manufacturers, so they incorporated I/O Software, Inc. in 1991. Microsoft partnered with I/O Software in 2000 and eventually purchase I/O Software assets in 2004.


After Microsoft acquired the rights to I/O Software in 2004 and after he had his fill of coding and with his rich knowledge in cybersecurity with encryption, authentication, and biometrics, he moved to Japan and started a venture capitalist consulting firm. Saito’s consulting firm, Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. halted in 2011 due to being appointed as Chief Technology Office by the National Diet (Parliament) of Japan to lead the IT Technology committee investigating the disaster after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.



In the current April 3, 2018, Medium article titled, William Saito reported knowledge in a specific arena, it mentioned William Saito’s personal and professional experiences as mentioned in previous paragraphs and continue to list his additional achievements and skills. The article focused on his advisory skills mainly for the National Diet of Japan provided below:


  • Diplomatic Affairs
  • Political Affairs
  • Interpersonal and Communications
  • Monitoring of business direction


William Saito’s professional career deviated his entrepreneurial pursuit into the political realm, his next venture will be something to monitor as he embarks his expertise and knowledge into the wider audience. As technology is ever-changing and as with new technology, new cyber attacks are also created. Wherever William Saito’s next career venture will take him, his entrepreneurial spirit will continue to lead him to pursuit helping the global market with his vast knowledge of cybersecurity, as his past experiences have lead us to believe.




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