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Why Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is Enthusiastic about Trade Shows

Attending trade shows has always been seen as one of the oldest strategies and techniques that most organizations have been using to create an influence in the business sector. That is why such events have become less popular in recent times as most of the companies are no longer interested. However, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is of the view that trade shows are very important to a new company in the industry.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has always been working towards attending all the trade shows that have been coming across in the regions where Hawkers has been operating. It is obvious that most of the new and young employees are not accustomed to such operational strategies because most of them have very little information about trade shows. Others may perceive it to be a traditional approach that may not have any positive impact on the growth of the organization.

However, the persistence with which Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has been pushing Hawkers to various trade shows across the country and in various parts of the world has obviously generated some tangible benefits. The first and most important aspect is that the company has been able to create awareness about its presence in the market. This means that most of the people who did not have any knowledge about the organization already understand its influence in the industry.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is also of the view that his business has been able to inform most of the customers about the products on offer. It is the goal of every other organization to communicate and inform the customers about the products that it has been offering. It is not very easy because there are not very many platforms to do that. However, trade shows present the best chance for companies to show their products.

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