What Does George Soros Spend His Money On?

As a billionaire, George Soros clearly has made some smart choices in his life. His career has been so widely successfully that he has been able to give billions of dollars away. While very successful, this success did not come easily and George Soros continues to work at his career every day.

It all started at a young age when the Hungary born man started school at the London School of Economics. During his time working on his educational goals he had multiple jobs, including waiting on tables. Finally he received a small break when he was offered a position at a merchant bank. From there he went on to establish his own hedge fund, Quantum Hedge. While that made him successful he did not stop there. He currently invests through his $30 billion dollar company, the Soros Fund Management. His career has been successful across decades and is still currently extremely successful. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Having such a well established career has allowed George Soros to support the things that are important to him. One thing that he heavily supports is the Democratic Party in the United States. His support extends throughout multiple foundations that support democratic candidates. His donations have reached the millions and has spanned many issues that the democratic party supports. His donations have gone to organizations supporting the protection of voter’s rights as well as the reproductive rights of women. His help does not seem to be slowing down as he still currently donates to many political organizations.

Besides his involvement in the political world, he also is very interested in helping the world at large. George Soros has donated more than $13 billion dollars to multiple organizations and charities. He is a supporter of education and protecting human rights as well as health care, especially in the United States but also other countries. His devotion to helping others is something that George Soros will never stop doing and something that sheds a light on what is truly important to him. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com.

Throughout his years of success, George Soros has spent his life working and helping others. His dedication to helping improve the life’s of others and to the causes that he so whole-heartily believes in, George Soros has led a fulfilled life, and works to continue that life for years to come.

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