Vinod Gupta Making A difference Through The Use Of His Company Everest Group

The successful career path of Vinod Gupta is a good definition of a self-made one. In 1946 that’s when Vinod was born in India, over the years the businessman has been able to make a lot of changes in his life. One difference that is recognized by so many people is the loan that he got of $100 that he poured into a company and the company grew to the extent that it was sold for $680 million.

He recognized the gap that was there between the business-to-business marketing niche, and he saw the need of him coming up with a list of company, and that was the reason why InfoUSA took off steadily. In the role of Gupta being the CEO of InfoUSA, which after several years it become known as InfoGroup, he was able to have the ability to be able to acquire many companies, which lead to him coming up with a juggernaut in the field of information technology.

Currently the company that Vinod Gupta is actively involved with is the Everest Group that is responsible for offering services like venture capital for companies that deal with database technology startup, and for the companies that will be struggling they will acquire them, with the aim that they will be able to utilize the information available for the foster success. The one thing that Vinod Gupta will pride himself with is that he can create employment opportunities for the population that is under-served, and the Former President Bill Clinton has even touted Vinod for the hiring practices that he provides.

Vinod Gupta also likes to give back to the community with the help of charities programs, one of them being that he was involved in the building of schools in India.

Other companies had employed Vinod before he started off his company. He attended the University of Nebraska, and after he graduated from the university, he was employed first at Commodore Corporation a company that was local that dealt in the manufacturing of mobile homes. In the company, he was given the role of coming up with a list of people in the U.S. that were using the mobile home dealers. After he searched for the list and it was not there he decided that he would compel it himself. See This Article for more information.


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