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Vik Bansal’s Take on Leadership: CEO of InfraBuild

Vik Bansal, an executive director at InfraBuild attributes his illustrious leadership experience to humility. In his youthful day in India, Vik Bansal InfraBuild played sports, and he understood several team dynamics as well as ways of inspiring people. Vik applied these skills in his initial leadership phase. Nonetheless, this formed the basis for the inspiration that he wished he had earlier on.

Vik’s driving force was his ambition. With time, he discovered that the transformation one experiences as a person, a manager, or even a leader entails more than an individual. He highlighted that success was not reliant on him even though many leaders associate success with themselves.

Still, Bansal managed to excite his team and he was inspired in his leadership duties, but the leadership strategy was not long-term and tenable. Every individual wishes to succeed especially in their youthful days. They believe that delivering excellent results translates to personal progress and accomplishment, but that would not strengthen an organization.

As Vik advanced in his profession, he focused more on the teams’ positioning and performance. He discovered that a leadership position does not only revolve around one individual. A remarkable leader prioritizes others and their well-being and success. Bansal says that a performing crew can accomplish more than a highly-rated leader.

As a CEO of a large establishment, Vik has understood that his style and decision impact many people’s lives because it goes beyond subordinates to clients, employees, and their families. Therefore, Vik focuses more on the overall well-being of the organization. As a leader, he sets the culture and tone. Every leader should passionately take up the role to succeed.

Vik’s Biography

Vik Bansal became InfraBuild’s CEO in mid-2021 after serving a similar position at Cleanaway from 2015 to 2021. Bansal has more than two decades of exposure in different executive positions across the globe.