Up and Close with the Chainsmokers Duo

The Chainsmokers band consists of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart. It is definitely your favorite band. They recently released their highly-anticipated track, Closer. It features Halsey. Unlike the past singles, closer features Andrew Taggart singing. Mathias Rosenzweig Spoke to the pair about their new song.

How they started working together

Growing up, Paul was a DJ. It was like a hobby to him. That is when he realized how dance music was consuming his life. His manager introduced him to Andrew and they hit off very well. Andrew moved to Maine and Paul quit his job.

Before meeting Alex, Andrew was in college and had taken a keen interest in DJing. He put some songs on SoundCloud and did a few shows. He was interning at Interscope by then. An employee of Alex’s manager informed him about a DJing duo whose one member had left. He thought he would fit a replacement. He took a bus to New York City, met Alex and it was love at first sight.

How they knew it would work out after the meeting

They both knew what to bring to the table. They often talked about their music interests. They were observant of the activities around them, what was working out and what wasn’t. Andrew was a talented producer while Paul had a lot of DJing gigs. This way he had that kind of social marketing thing.

If they think being a DJ duo and being in the electronic genre makes it hard to build a brand as artists

Paul’s answer is a yes and no. He further states that in every genre, there are people that will make some stuff sound more popular. There are millions of people competing to stand out. But he thinks they had a kind of breakthrough one and half years ago.

How they plan to change the live show and cater to their expanding audience

The duo admits that they have to keep pushing themselves as the audience expands. With their Selfie tour, they went around the world once. They have since gone around the world thrice. They were also taking a shot at shot acts with their first being at Red Rock. The second one would be a big fall tour.



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