Unbiased Information Is Critical To Success As An Investor Says Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a major name in the investment business for his keen mind when it comes to predicting the markets. He has also taken advantage of the Brazilian market which is highly lucrative, though often overlooked by outsiders. Igor has spent decades working in the investment industry, at various different high profile companies. In 1995, Igor finally started up his own investment firm known as Bainbridge.

Igor Cornelsen has always had a sharp mind when it came to numbers and it is one of the ways he had been able to make quick decisions when it comes to choosing his investments for highest returns. According to Igor, one of the biggest things new investors need to avoid is opinions. Anyone can have all the opinions they want, what matters though is what works and the facts of investing. Listening to this bias makes for bad tendencies when it comes to investing, usually leading to profit loss. This is one of the things that Igor learned the hard way when he was a young investor.

Igor has spent decades in the investing and banking industries, which is what gave him such great insight into Brazil’s market as well as others from around the world. What surprises most about Igor is that he originally wanted to be an engineer when he started going to school at Federal Unversity. Instead, Igor focused on economics and was quickly hired after graduation at a big banking company.

Igor’s biggest piece of advice to new investors is to spread out there investments. Taking risks is important in order to have big profits, but big profits mean nothing if it is all lost in the following days or weeks. By spreading out investments in various markets, investors can capitalize on their gains while minimizing their losses when they happen.

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