Todd Lubar Highlights the Trends that Will Shape Baltimore Real Estate Market

Baltimore continues to be the Charm City despite continuous negative media coverage. The city is the first choice for many younger professionals today. There is an increasing number of millennial moving into the city. Most recent graduates who are searching for their first homes are looking into the city. Baltimore real estate market is also booming. The demand for condominium and apartments is on the rise. Several older buildings are being converted to chic apartments. The projection is that the trend will continue to unforeseeable future if the employment and wage situation continues to improve.

The main focus of the city’s administration is improving the public transport system. This is expected to improve the outlook of the city for professionals looking to relocate to the area. It will be much easier for residents to connect to their workplace from the downtown with a proper transport system. The business environment is also showing positive signs of improvement. The city is one of the friendliest places for start-up companies today. Entrepreneurs seeking to tap into new opportunities will find Baltimore a suitable home. Todd Lubar is one of the top real estate professionals who has followed the development of real estate industry in Maryland keenly for more than two decades. His insights on this market continue to be relied upon by many stakeholders. Part of what puts him in a greater position to offer reliable insights is his credit and finance background. Visit Inspirery to know more.

Todd Lubar began his formal education at Sidwell Friends School in 1977. He moved to The Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ for his High School education before joining Syracuse University. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication. He started his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation after graduating in 1995. He later moved to Legacy Financial Group. Lubar was in charge of overseeing the operations of the company at its Maryland office at Legacy. He has also held several senior positions in various companies in real estate industry. Todd is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He is also the owner of several companies in real estate and recycling industries.

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