The Growth of the OSI Group from retail Food Shop to an International Protein Distributor

OSI Group is one of the largest food suppliers in the world. It started off as local butcher shop but has grown roots in more than 17 countries. The company operates in more than 65 facilities with a workforce of 20,000 employees. It started its operation many years ago under the name Otto & Sons, a regional food and protein distributor. The firm leaders had a mission of transitioning the facility to a more extensive food provider. In 1975, Sheldon Lavin was appointed to be a partner of the Otto & Son, before this he worked as an investment consultant in the company.

In 1978, Otto & Son entered a joint venture with the McDonalds food supply and became the OSI Industries. The investment made the company a multinational corporation and increased its popularity in the nation. In the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin became the chairman and chief executive officer of the company. Sheldon was armed with essential skills to lead the company from his former employment in the banking and investment sector. The managerial department and the labor force of the company have worked as a team in the transition process. Today, OSI Group is one of the largest companies in the United States. In 2016, the company was ranked number 58 in the Forbes listing on the most significant private corporation. The company hard work was recognized when they were presented with the 2016 Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council.

The company has continued expanding its services in almost all parts of the world. They have embraced cutting-edge technology to ensure quality and maximum production of products. The company’s development has primarily been through joint ventures and acquisitions. They have made expansions in Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Austria and many other countries. In 1987, they made a joint venture with the K&K in Taiwan. The investment led to the introduction of the OSI Group in the Asia Pacific. Seeking to grow the company, OSI Group ventured into poultry processing, and in 2006 they acquired Amick Farms, a poultry company based in the east coast, USA.

OSI Group has gone above and beyond to ensure the company is a success through a series of acquisition to spread presence in Europe and China. In 2016, the company Acquired Baho Foods, a protein supply company based in the Netherlands. Another notable expansion was the acquisition of the Flagship Europe based in the U.K. The company’s efforts are focused on sustainability.

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