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Stephen Bittel and the Financial Success of TerraNovaCorp

Economists everywhere know that economy has cycles of change. These are a constant with certain predictable points. Stephan Bittel is the founder and chairman of TerraNova Corp. He has worked extensively in this line of business. His experience in these cycles allowed him to navigate them. Here are those cycles.

  • Expansion
  • Peak
  • Contradiction
  • Trough

The expansion stage tends to increase economic growth and employment. This leads to the peak. The peak is the point at which the prices are the highest. Then the correction stage does what it sounds like. It corrects financial stability. The trough is the bottom of the cycle.

The business cycle must be navigated through these stages to maintain longevity. TerraNova Corp has been through this with the guidance of Stephan. The business has survived 41 years. He works out of his office in Florida. He has led the company through six recessions and the pandemic now. He attended Bowdoin College, where he earned his degree in economics in 1978. He won the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship while attending.

He went on to study law at the University of Miami. He never used his law degree. What he did use was the keen sense of how to stay profitable through every change in the economy. His ability to navigate like this is something any company can emulate. Knowing the above stages of the economic cycles of any economy helps investments and growth plans work. A company can make a profit through preparation. Knowing what is coming allows that company to prepare. These stages and that plan always equals success. Stephan knew this. He actually expanded the investments during those trying times. The facts show how the company’s example of how to thrive through any change is what TerraNovaCorp CEO, Stephen Bittel’s financial success has always exemplified.

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