Sam Boraie Excels in Real Estate and Charitable Causes

Along with his older brother and younger sister, Sam Boraie is one of the Vice Presidents of Boraie Development LLC headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The team offers a variety of services in all areas of the urban real estate market including Sales/Marketing, Real Estate Development, Property Management, and more. They work with financial institutions, contractors, architects, real estate developers, and property managers for the timely completion of their projects.

Their plan to completely revitalize the city of New Brunswick has already included multi-use facilities of apartments, office, and retail space that attract new residents and small businesses to the city.

Boraie Development also has a track record for selling, developing, and managing high-end projects in a variety of communities across the country. For example, they announced in December of 2016 that they would break ground that week on a four-acre grassy lot that will become an $81 million residential complex in Atlantic City. The Beach at South Inletwill consist of 250 apartments, and construction should take about 18 months.

Sam is also involved in different charitable causes. He is a Trustee of the State Theatre of New Jersey, which puts on different productions in New Brunswick to raise charitable donations. He sits on the Advisory Board of Elijah’s Promise, a charitable organization with the aim of breaking the cycle of poverty in communities all over the State of New Jersey, and Sam Boraie is a Board Member of the Boys and Girls Club.



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