Rocketship Education Educates Low-Income Children For Success

Rocketship Education is a network of accredited non-profit K-5 charter schools. Rocketship Education is headquartered in Redwood City, California. Rocketship operates like a public elementary model which caters to low-income students.

The foundation of the Rocketship Education platform involves a traditional instruction environment, adaptive technology, customized tutoring, and more. Rocketship instills strong values and student empowerment into the curriculum.

The young students are called ‘Rocketeers.’ They are empowered to learn, lead, remain positive about life and with their parents or providers, to be a strong supporter of the community where they live. For daily classroom style instructions, Rocketship Education uses a rotational school model.

This means that the Rocketeers revolves between literacy and integrated courses like math. Rocketship also features a ‘Learning Lab,’ that features a large room filled with computers. Throughout the day, the Learning Lab is used by students to study their courses online.

In using computers, Rocketship students are also introduced to the use of computer technology. Tutors are present in the Learning Lab to monitor each student’s progress. If any student needs assistance the tutors are always available to instruct them so that they can keep abreast of their grade level requirements.

Other curriculum courses include reading, writing, English as a second language classes, art, science, social studies, music, physical education, and optional courses like gardening.

Rocketship Education is equipped for safety with electronic surveillance cameras to help protect students and the staff. The cameras are designed to curtail crimes like a possible theft issue or any disruptive problems.

Meals are provided as part of the National School Lunch Program. Students either receive a free lunch or is provided at a very low price. The Rocketship lunch program receives financial support from the parents the Rocketship Education funding and reimbursement from the federal government.

Many Rocketship Education schools also provide education to disabled school-age students. Each disabled student is assigned an accredited case manager that works with the teachers to create a specialized educational plan.

Rocketship Education is located throughout California like San Jose, Concord, and Redwood City. Other locations include Nashville, Tennessee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Washington, DC.


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