Robert Deignan’s Significant Contributions To The Technology Industry

Advanced Tech Services (ATS), a leading global digital service company based in Florida was founded in 2011 by a group of partners among them Robert Deignan who is the current Chief Executive officer. He attended Purdue University where he earned his degree in Organizational leadership. After graduating, he joined the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets as a contracted player until 1998 when he decided to focus on the business of Technology. Roberts first venture was Fanlink before moving to iS3, a software company that dealt with issues in computer optimization and internet security.


With experience from his previous prominent positions in iS3 and Fanlink, Robert Deignan co-founded ATS to provide people with solutions in all technical issues such as data storage, mobile phone hitches, and digital setups. He has hired a team of skilled individuals who work with him and has taken his time to train them on his fundamental core values that involve combining good customer service and their technical knowledge. Robert has staff trained in different departments, and every technical issue gets handled with an expert in the sector.


For clients who have allowed ATS to access their systems directly, all their issues get sorted remotely through just a phone call. When it comes to technical problems that require physical handling like mounting a TV set or installing smart technologies, ATS sends a team of specialists to get the work done to a customers satisfaction. Among Robert Deignan’s significant achievements is the fact that most clients are warming up to these remote technologies that help them when they need to fix their computers. ATS was AppEsteem certified after attaining all the required 39 parameters for call centers.


According to Robert Deignan, business could be a little challenging but with the help of his favorite book “Rework,” an entrepreneur can find a simpler approach. In an interview, he admitted that his greatest challenge was employing skilled people that didn’t understand the company’s culture. Robert has built an excellent reputation for himself in the industry, and his advice to anyone looking for an investor is to try to consider someone who besides having money, will influence their business.


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