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Reading Has Helped Me Become Who I Am Today, Haroldo Jacobovicz, Horizons Telecom Founder

In a world filled with daily challenges that culminate to stress and depression, it is hard to find a businessman or woman, investor, or accomplished entrepreneur setting aside time to read. However, to Haroldo Jacobovicz a Brazilian investor, information technology expert and civil engineer, things are different. In a highly publicized interview with a local journal, the Horizons Telecom founder said that reading has helped him become who he is. “I read, read and read. This is what keeps me. I know many will find it hard even absurd that I have time to read but the fact is I create the time to read. I read newspapers, books, and journals that speak about civil engineering or information technology, things that fascinate me. I hugely believe is staying informed,” said Haroldo Jacobovicz.

Mr. Jacobovicz, who studied civil engineering and IT after learning the basics from her parents who were also civil engineers, agrees that observing what others do and developing interest in what one learns has helped him become one of Brazil’s renowned civil engineers. After graduating, Haroldo Jacobovicz worked for various companies before finally starting his own firm, Horizons Telecom. Long before starting HT, Jacobovicz together with his other three colleagues started Microsystem. This startup helped various companies within its proximity to solve their increasing number of inventory challenges. Although the startup picked quite well, it didn’t live long thus the founders went apart and more

It’s during this time that Haroldo Jacobovicz founded Horizons Telecom to connect his fellow countrymen with fiber optic. After running the company for a decade, Haroldo saw the need to form Horizons Datacenter, a second firm to enhance what the first one had done. Later, Mr. Jacobovicz started yet another firm and called it e-Governe Group. With three firms under his palms, Jacobovicz says he will soon cover the whole country with fiber-optic connectivity and to know more [email protected]Investimento estratégico em tecnologia: da novidade à necessidade