Philanthropic Causes Initiated by Betsy DeVos to Support Education Reforms

Betsy DeVos began activist role during her youthful years when she engaged in campus politics, and since then she has remained politically active. Some times back, Mrs. DeVos was interviewed by Philanthropy about her role of fighting for educational reforms, and in particular the school choice movement. After a challenging campaign that lasted several years, Betsy and Dick (her husband)can now say the education reforms they have been fighting for has already kicked off, and more than 200,000 children are enjoying the fruits Betsy’s hard work. The number of children in educational-choice has been increasing every year, and the program is already implemented in 17 states. It is also available in the District of Columbia. After a survey was conducted in five states, it was quiet obvious that educational-choice was very popular. Check her website for more info at

Betsy’s First Involvement in Education Reforms

After Mr. and Mrs. DeVos visited Potters House Christian School, they engaged with parents who struggled to raise tuition fees for their kids. Although this school targeted kids from low income families, some were not able to pay the mandatory tuition fees. The couple began sponsoring specific students at the institution and the commitment expanded, and to this day, they have donated significant amount of funds to support Potter’s House. The couple’s commitment in supporting students from low income families grew, and Betsy created a foundation that provided full scholarships to students from poor families. At the same time, Dick was elected to the State Board of Education in Michigan. Betsy and Dick were not able to support all kids who wanted sponsorship, and hence the real problem could not be resolved completely.

Betsy’s Involvement in Charities

In the 1990s, Mrs. DeVos served on boards of American Education Reform Council and Children First America, the two were national organizations championing for expansion of educational choice program through tax credits and vouchers. After the couple tried unsuccessfully to amend the constitution of Michigan in order to allow vouchers and tax credits scholarships, Betsy began a political movement known as Great Lakes Education Projects. This Michigan based project focused on supporting education reforms through charter school expansion across the state. From 2001 t0 2002, the work of the movement was very successful and they decided to expand their programs to national level. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

After a successful campaign, Dick and his friend formed a political organization call All Children Matter, which was chaired by DeVos. She was involved in coordination of various parts of the organization, and particularly identifying potential legislators and supporting their elections in order to draft and pass legislation to support education programs relevant to American kids. This would later lead to formation of American Federation for Children (AFC), which is chaired by Betsy DeVos. Currently, Betsy DeVos serves as the secretary of education after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve in the Donald Trump’s government.


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