Paul Mampilly’s Investment Newsletter Has More Than 60,000 Subscribers

Paul Mampilly’s new financial newsletter has crossed the 60,000 subscribers mark. The publication, Profits Unlimited, is a research service aimed at providing financial market enthusiast with credible information on how they can make sound investments and earn good returns from their investments.

Paul Mampilly joined the publication industry after working for two decades in the Wall Street. Paul has rendered his services for large corporations such as ING, Kinetics international, and Deutsche Bank. His expertise in hedge fund markets saw him win the 2009 investment competition organized by Templeton Foundation. In the competition, Mampilly managed to turn a $50 million investment into $38 million in profit. He achieved this success during the height of the financial crisis without shorting the stocks.

After spending many years in the hedge fund market, the financial expert decided to quit and help ordinary Americans to generate wealth. This dream saw him sign a contract with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. The publishing company publishes his Profits Unlimited newsletter.

The eight-page newsletter provides subscribers with loads of investment advice. For instance, it offers investors with stock recommendations. The newsletter’s portfolio is made up of 13 stocks. In each publication, Paul updates the stocks. Presently, most stocks are doing extremely well in the market. Some of the stocks have gained as much as 160 percent in value since they joined the list. Semiconductor Company’s stocks ranks as one the best performing in the security market. Last year, the financial expert wrote about it on the Profits Unlimited newsletter. This means that investors can earn handsome returns by liquidating the well-performing stocks.

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund expert, entrepreneur, author, and editor. The owner of Profits Unlimited is also the senior editor of The Sovereign society. At the organization, he specializes in helping Main Street Americans to generate wealth through investing in financial markets, technology, and special opportunities.

Mampilly has extensive experience in making sound investments. The executive has also worked for bankers Trust, Sears, and Royal Bank of Scotland. His outstanding expertise was seen in 2009 and 2010 when he helped Kinetics International Firm to generate 67 percent and 20 percent returns.


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