Paul Herdsman’s Passions


Paul Herdsman is a co-founder and the current COO of NICE Global. Helping business operate better and more effectively has always been an interest of Paul Herdsman. The entrepreneur has spent his entire core in job roles that required him to analyze a company and then diagnose the company’s issue.


Paul Herdsman’s problem solving skills are refined and able to solve the toughest problems a business can undergo. Paul Herdsman focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. Herdsman has an authentic talent for being able to streamline processes of any kind for any business.


He claims that his two passionate hobbies, golf and fishing, have been instrumental in keeping him grounded while he pursues his goals with NICE Global. Of these two, fishing is by far his oldest hobby, being a big part of his life since his parents gave him a fishing pole for Christmas when he was five or six. This gift was by his request which is mysterious to him to this day since no one in his family was remotely into fishing.


It was not until high school that Paul Herdsman became involved with golf. Up to that time, he had been involved with a wide array of other sports, but golf stuck because he found it to be much more challenging than all of these games. As busy a man as he is, he still finds time to do both once a week. For him, these things also help his job because they help him unwind and to stay focused. He admits, though, that if his job didn’t make him such a busy man, most of his time would be spent pursuing these two loves. While you can make both fishing and golfing competitive things, both of these things are purely relaxing activities for him. See This Article to learn more.


At one time fishing was very competitive for him, but those days are long past. However, it was during his competitive years that he found that preparation, execution, and attention to detail are all imperative aspects of a good fisherman. He also found that all of your fishing equipment based on what kind of fish you will be fishing on any given day. Sometimes he does golf and fishing alone. Sometimes he does both with a group. He is just now introducing both hobbies to his daughters.


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