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Learn About Kfir Gavrieli And His Role Towards The Success Of Tieks


Kfir Gavrieli is a top shoe company that provides health and medical workers support during this tough time of pandemic by providing face masks. The firm put into place several programs to ensure its goals are achieved, and the #SewTogether campaign program helped ensure this was a success.

Kfir Gavrieli, through the Tieks company, worked hard and remained committed to ensuring the production and supply of face masks was successful. Through the Operation #SewTogether campaign, Kfir encouraged his clients and the public to join hands and work towards fighting the pandemic. He would reward customers who supplied over 25 face masks with a gift card worth $50, and those who made more than 100 face masks would be awarded $100. The company also decided to give medical support to health workers because of their significant contribution towards ensuring patients recover from their sicknesses. Through the campaign program, over 400,000 face masks were given to medical workers.

January 4th, 1983 is the year of birth of Kfir. Since his childhood, he has shown commitment, focus, and the urge to achieve top-notch results. He enrolled at Stanford University to pursue a course in Economics, graduating in 2004. He later upgraded and pursued Material Science & Engineering and later Business Administration graduating in 2008. It was after the business degree that he decided to co-found the Tieks company.

The firm was established in 2008. Its primary focus was on designing unique, comfortable, and cost-friendly shoes for its customers. The shoes were made of high-quality leather material. Kfir designed a website to help market the company and its products. Through its website, customers would also shop online. The company would provide free delivery to its clients. Prior to sending any product to its clients, Kfir ensures that the shoes pass through the quality assurance team. The firm also established a subsidiary, Gavrieli Foundation, to support women thrive to become responsible and independent people. Read this article for more information.


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