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Joey Feste KM Capital Management

Joey Feste is located in Austin Texas and is the managing partner of KM Capital Management. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics and is a registered investment advisor. Joey Feste comes with over thirty years of professional experience servicing clients in the economic industry. In 2004, Feste developed KM Capital Management to help focus on the goals and requirements of their clients. Part of the goals of KM Capital Management is to manage the financial life of clients so they don’t have to. The business focuses on creating personalized portfolio management, bookkeeping and accounting, tax prep and planning, and estate and insurance planning.

The KM Capital management has financial planning available for individuals with all budget needs. Low-cost mutual funds and exchange funds can be part of the portfolio. If you’re interested in purchasing money, markets funds and CDs that are available in cash and cash equivalents. Individual bonds are available that come taxable or tax-exempt. If you or your business is looking for a bookkeeper or bill management, the management company can provide those services. With a dedicated team that is flexible and experienced. KM Capital Management strives with keeping in contact with clients to keep them informed on their financial data. The firm actively monitors, reports, and analyzes data received from the client and helps all become accountable along the way. If your goals are to retire at a certain age, KM Capital management is the perfect firm to help you with your retirement and estate planning.

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