Jeff Herman Empowers Sex Crime Survivors

The victim’s voice often gets lost in our criminal justice system. This is especially true when it comes to the victims of rape, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse. Oftentimes, physical evidence is difficult to come by in these particular cases. It then becomes a war of words in the courtroom.


This is when the defense lawyers come up with a particularly heinous strategy. They focus all of their attention on debasing the character of the accuser in order to make the perpetrator look better. The victim can sit in court horrified at the fact that they are now effectively put on trial.


That’s why it is incredibly important for survivors of sex crimes to get a good lawyer. One of the best in the country is Jeff Herman out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His Herman Law Group has been advocating for survivors of sex crimes for more than 20 years. And he was inspired to enter this line of work as a young commercial litigator.


He was referred to the mother of an autistic child that was sexually abused at school during his time as a commercial litigator. This inspired him to help her out any way he could. Jeff focused all of his legal expertise on her case and found helping the victim of sexual assault motivating. And he has been at this work for more than two decades now.


He says that survivors come into his office unsure. He can see in their eyes that they are uncomfortable as they talk about their experiences. But he is incredibly motivated by the fact that he sees some comfort in their eyes as the legal process unfolds. He becomes their voice and advocates for them throughout the entire process. Read This Article for additional information.


And that’s what sets apart Jeff Herman from other lawyers. Of course, he’s going to focus on winning the case but he’s also focused on the client’s experience. One of his focuses is being able to empower the victim throughout the entire legal process so that they feel in charge. Essentially, he navigates them through the very difficult waters of sex crime criminal justice.


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