How NGP VAN’s digital campaign tools have made canvassing easy.

NGP VAN is a technology provider company for campaigns. It has its headquarters in Washington, District of Columbia. It deals with Democratic and progressive campaigns as well as campaigns for municipalities and other non-profit organizations and groups. NGP VAN’s services include offering a platform for fundraising, organizing the field coverage and offer digital tools that make canvassing easier.

Canvassing is the act of promoting a candidate from door to door which is the most traditional way of democratic campaigns. It targets to urge supporters and newly persuaded voters to turn up in large numbers on the day of the election.


Though canvassing is all over, it has raised questions about its ability to increase the voters’ number through persuasion. A research done by some political scientists shows that only 1 out of 800 voters are persuaded to embrace a different political stance. It indicates that if canvassing isn’t made more effective, vast resources could be spent with little or no desired results.

Campaign software has been developed which make canvassing efforts productive in getting more voters in favor of a candidate. NGP VAN is one of the companies that are playing a significant role in the development of efficient campaign software. Its digital tools make canvassing easy and efficient.

Due to a great deal of time spent in printing routes, organizing volunteers and compiling voter data, canvassing can be slowed down. NGP VAN offers the MiniVAN application (an application for iOS and Android devices) that collect information based on targets’ contacts, canvassing maps and routes, and talking scripts. It then syncs the data to the campaign database thus eliminating the need for handwork for data entries.

NGP VAN’s MiniVAN has a feature known as Distributed Canvassing that automates the process of developing routes to be used for canvass coverage. An organizer specifies the area for coverage, makes a script and determines how many addresses which belong to the voters targeted each canvasser should visit. The application will automatically develop the walk route each volunteer will use thus saving a lot of time used for manual development of routes. Therefore, canvassing is carried out with a lot of ease.



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