Greg Aziz, The Strategic And Outstanding Leader Of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz currently holds the position of the Chief Executive, Chairman of the Board, and President at the leading railroad car manufacturer in North America, National Steel Car. He previously served as the Chairman of National Industries Incorporation before taking on the role of the National Steel Car’s Managing Director. He is a successful captain who is of Canadian descent. He was born and raised up in the beautiful outskirts of Hamilton city. Gregory James Aziz demonstrated his capabilities as an entrepreneur right at his family food shop. While working at Affiliated Foods, Greg would hire even the guys that would harass him in school.


1Mr. Gregory James Aziz began to build his path as a business leader when he joined Western Ontario University to pursue a degree in Economics. Aziz now utilizes the knowledge that he gained at the university to run his family business and put the agenda of the railroad freight car manufacturer on the map. National Steel Car has enjoyed dominance in the railroad car industry for the past one hundred years. Greg Aziz knew that settling on the recent achievements of the firm would be a death sentence and worked hard to ensure the continuity of National Steel Car for another century.


Mr. Greg Aziz worked relentlessly to ensure that National Steel Car continued to pursue engineering excellence and improve its merchandise and quality standards. Through this, National Steel Car began to design more customized, reliable, and unique rail cars than ever. Everyone that worked under Greg Aziz aligned with his mission and ensured that every rail car that came off the line met the needs of the customers. For example, Canptoex is still transacting with National Steel Car since 1999 and has spent a total of $70 million on the purchase of hundreds of rail cars. Get Additional Information Here.

That’s what makes National Steel Car rank as one of the top railcar engineering firms in North America. Mr. Greg Aziz vision of perfection is what helped National Steel Car to gain a fierce competitive streak and beat rivalry firms in pricing. Beating competitors on price and quality are one of the recipes of success in the railroad car industry. The foundation established by Greg J Aziz during his tenure as the President of National Steel Car continues to help the firm broaden its presence across the world. Under his incredible leadership, National Steel Car has retained the industry’s highest quality award, TTX SECO, since 1999.


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