Gareth Henry, The Global Thinker of Business

Gareth Henry is a well-seasoned professional in the world of business. He thinks on a larger, international scale, hence why he has held a successful position as Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Investment. As of now, Gareth Henry has taken his talents to Angelo Gordon. At this company he acts as the Managing Director and also the Global Head of Investor Relations.

With years of knowledge and experience, he has made powerful and intricate global relationships. An asset such as this is no easy feat. It goes to show how hardworking, passionate and dedicated Gareth Henry is at his work. He can strengthen any team and has the potential to make any company more efficient globally. He has repeatedly shown that he can meet and exceed client needs. Academically, he went to Heriot Watt University and has a BS in actuarial mathematics and statistics. He is qualified to be an actuary in the US and UK.

He is very well acclaimed and has been recognized and awarded on his excellence. In 2011, he was recognized as an Institutional Investor “Rising Star” and has indeed gone to do great things afterwards.

While employed at Fortress Liquid Markets, Gareth Henry was the leader in a team with the task of targeting clients in many different places such as Canada, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and the US. In this position he also oversaw various things such as sales and marketing.

Before this, he held a position at Fortress in London as Head of International Investor Relations. Gareth Henry was tasked with, and successfully completed, the roles of creating and implementing a sales strategy for improving relationships across the hedge fund, private equity, fixed income businesses, and more.

While at Angelo Gordon, he will be involved in marketing, expanding the firm’s global client relationships, and developing new products and distribution channels globally. In addition to this, he will also assume the role as a partner in this firm.

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