End Citizens United Projects to Raise Greater Amounts For Their Future Initiatives

Skeptics and critics have emerged to question the feasibility of the claims that Citizens United has had an enormous impact on the Campaigns in America. A study was recently released by the Brennan Center for Justice that highlighted that the Citizens United ruling had posed some irrefutable effects in the campaigning process in the country.


The year 2010 saw the supreme court making a decision in regards to the case of Citizens United against the Federal Election Commission. The ruling posed detrimental impacts to the American election system as it permitted private entities and corporations, interest groups and benevolent people to contribute to funding the financial campaign of their choice candidate. The ruling, widely referred to as Citizens United declared that these categories of contributors were at liberty to donate unspecified amounts of money that would not be traceable to fund the US elections. The End Citizens United group was formed from the motivation that these campaign financing conditions eliminated the aspect of transparency. Lack of transparency translates to the absence of integrity and the possibility of manipulating the political power to these people’s favors.


End Citizens United was formed in 2015 as a political action group. Its main aim was to reform the campaign finance system in the country. The plan was to achieve this by reaching out to harmonious Democrats in politics and also by advocating for a constitutional amendment that would turn around the Citizens United ruling. As a way of setting an example of how things should be run, the group publicized their Federal Elections Commission Filings on their website.


A Glance at The progress of End Citizens United


End Citizens United has delved into raising significant amounts of money since it was launched. Their main aim was to be able to actualize their goals and objectives. The first year of operation saw the group raising a total of $11 Million. They have now proceeded to raise up to $4 million just in a span of three months. The group has projected to advance to $35 million which will also characterize the inception of the Congressional Midterms that are anticipated to be held in 2018.


40,000 people out of the 100,000 people who sent in their contributions to end citizens united were cited to be first-time contributors. The group received an average donation of $12 in this year. Being one of the conventional PACs in the country means that End Citizens United can’t receive any contributions above $5000 from a particular individual. Tiffany Muller who also features as the group’s executive directors stated that their primary goal was to ensure that the politicians who advocated for finance reforms were elected to Congress. Their backing is behind John Ossoff who is a first time Georgia candidate. He managed to amass over $4 million in time for the special elections set for April 18th. They are aiming for the political races that will be most active in the elections set for 2018.



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