Duda Melzer’s RBS Group Is Adapting To Changes In Print Media In Brazil

Since the Internet gained prominence in Brazil, newspapers, magazines and local print media are facing a crisis. The major media companies like the RBS Group in the South of Brazil are having trouble keeping people interested in printed news and entertainment stories. More than half of the Brazil’s population are connected to the Internet, and they read the news on a favorite website.

The Brazilian media market is controlled by a few wealthy families. The Marinho family owns Globo. Globo controls half of the printed media market. The Civita family controls another large section of the market. But in the South of Brazil, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda Melzer, controls the printed media business in that part of the country. Duda is the president of the RBS Group, and his group owns eight newspapers. The most prominent newspaper in the RBS Group is Zero Hora. Zero Hora is the sixth largest newspaper in Brazil, in terms of circulation.

Duda has a Harvard MBA, and he has an extensive background in media marketing and franchising. Melzer’s time in the United States was well spent. He became president of Box Top Media before he returned to Brazil to join his family business. When Duda Melzer took control of the company after his uncle Nelson Sirotsky stepped down, he knew he had to adapt to the growing interest in the Internet. Melzer made sure that the RBS Group had an online news and entertainment presence that would offset the lack of demand for newspapers and magazines. To learn more about him, visit eduardosirotskymelzer.com.

The Internet has made the printed media business more responsive to the demands of consumers. The ads, editorials, and stories are Internet-type presentations that explain and educate in concise terms. Melzer knows there is a lot of work ahead in order to maintain print market share, but he is up for the challenge. He learned to deal with challenges from his grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, and his uncle Nelson.



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