Drew Madden Seeks To Explain CVS And Amazon Battle

A lot of people very much enjoy watching a battle of the titans as it were when it comes to big companies such as Amazon and CVS clashing with one another. It is just one of those situations that is hard for us to take our eyes off of. We want to see who will emerge as the victor to be sure, but we also have to make sure that we understand how these developments will impact us.

The battle that Drew Madden is currently keeping his eyes on is CVS versus Amazon. The two have been butting heads since it was announced that Amazon was seeking licenses to sell prescription drugs over the Internet in a variety of states. This was not news that Amazon wanted to get out necessarily, but when it did, there was an immediate ripple effect.

CVS decided to start taking some defensive measures to protect itself against the potential entry of Amazon into their beloved healthcare space. They made the decision to purchase the healthcare insurance company called Aetna along with other developments. By purchasing this insurance company, CVS can now control more of the process from insurance claim to delivery of prescription drugs to their customers.

There are other moves that CVS has made such as offering an expansive next-day delivery guarantee that now covers more of the products that they sell online than ever before. These are some big changes that are sure to put Amazon back on its heels and help keep CVS in prime fighting position in the healthcare industry.

As consumers, we can be pleased with the way that things are going. It seems that both companies are really scrapping it out for our business, and that means a lot of savings for consumers. They can sit back and smile at the progress that has been made towards delivering better healthcare to them as a result of this particular fight. It is something that definitely plays into the hands of those that do business with either company. Prepare yourself for improved outcomes when you do order your prescriptions at either place.

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