Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Helps With Solutions for Current ER Issues

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an intelligent scholar who graduated with a medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine back in 2012. He specializes in Emergency Medicine and has been involved with the medical field for ten years; therefore, he knows his profession. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel recently expressed a few problem-solving solutions to the current ER trends that are not only happening around his hometown of Tallahassee but around the nation.

The problems that are in question are the abundant amount of people that are coming to the ER, instead of regular doctors because they do not have the proper insurance. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, as well as a few additional doctors, have mentioned that bringing in Primary Care Physicians into the ER vicinity would help ease the stresses of the ER doctors.

Since Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has an extensive background in this area, his opinion is highly valued. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel takes many patients with a wide range of insurance plans. He accepts Medicare, Aetna, First Health and more. He has treated and cared for numerous people with minor acute injuries as well as a broad range of additional conditions that needed emergency care. To top that off, he also practices his profession in English and Spanish.

He has done research regarding matters such as these to help with the problems so that the more urgent matters that come through the door can be attended and properly cared for. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s background in medicine along with his current position as a critical care specialist in Tallahassee goes above and beyond when it comes to the Emergency Room.

Currently, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is finding additional ways to find additional solutions to this rising concern with different assessments and published studies that he is involved in. With his rising concern for the staff and the environment of the Emergency Room, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel will only continue to try to find new solutions to make sure everyone is properly cared for. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a talented doctor and with his input regarding medical concerns, we can only expect to see exceptional releases on his experience and opinions in the future.



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