Donald Scott NYC: Straight Razor 101

Using a straight razor as a hair cutting tool has many benefits. However, one of the most important ones is that the straight razor tool can give you much more control over the hair cutting process. With a variety of blade lengths, weights and sharpness, the cut style can change just by the way the stylist holds the tool. With the hand of a experienced stylist, a Donald Scott NYC straight razor ( can create amazing results.


Some of the most popular techniques for using this tool at Donald Scott NYC is the reverse freehand stroke, backhand stroke and the reverse backhand stroke. While there are several types of straight razors, one of the most popular used to cut hair is a light weight razor with a guard.


Donald Scott NYC offers a variety of products, such as exclusive patented razor tools that provide precision and creative power to hair stylists. For example, their swivel twist razor provides two cutting tools in one and revolutionizes the way stylists can use a straight razor.


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