Doe Deere Has Found Success In The Beauty World

Doe Deere is someone who was born in Russia and who spent her growing up years in New York City. She is someone who has a unique way of thinking and who is creative in all of the work that she does. She spent time studying the fashion industry before she decided to start up a beauty brand. She launched her makeup company via the online world in 2008. Lime Crime has since then gained popularity and it is something that proves that Doe Deere knows what she is doing. She works hard to make her brand special and unique from all others out there.


The brand name Lime Crime is one that is unique and different from other brand names, especially those brand names that are part of the beauty world. When Doe Deere was asked about how she came up with the name for her brand, she shared that she was looking to create a name that rhymed in some way. She knew that making the name rhyme would give it a whimsical feel, and she wanted that for her company. She played around with different word combinations until she came up with Lime Crime. She loves the way that her company name sounds.


There are purchases that a person makes that affect the work that they do and the way that they live out their lives. There are times when a person will make a purchase and find it beneficial to all that they need to do for their business. Doe Deere has shared that she made an investment by purchasing Facetune. This was something that she purchased to change up the pictures that she takes before she puts them on Instagram. She feels that the purchase was a good one and she loves the way that the software helps her in editing her pictures.


When a person can do good with the money that they earn from their business, they feel good about all that they are doing. Doe Deere has shared that she felt satisfied with the work that she was doing with Lime Crime once she was able to use some of the money that she earned to support organizations that she cares about. She found success through her brand and then she was able to use her success to the benefit of others. She has shared that she supports Girls, Inc., Sanctuary for Families, and other organizations that benefit the causes that are close to her heart.


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