Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere shares with Lime Crime customers just what makes the brand so unique.


From the way they execute ideas to their core values, the CEO of Lime opens up and shares it all.


Which Trends Are Exciting For Her?

Deere happily remarks that all things Generation Z excites her.


This generation includes every child and adult born after the year 1997.


Because Lime Crime is so geared towards online shopping, Generation Z intrigues Deere the most because she feels that this particular generation is going to influence the future of online shopping.


Yes, she’s had some naysayers when it comes to running an e-commerce store.


One man has even told her that no one wants to buy lipstick online because this is one of those products that people have to try on for themselves to really see how it would look on them.


Deere begged to differ, however, and went with her gut instinct that told her to push forward in her pursuit of having an online store.


Come on, Generation Z!


Don’t let Doe down in her belief that you guys are interested in all things e-commerce!


Her Gut Guides Her

Deere has been guided by her gut on more than one occasion.


She says that even if she lacks the needed information on a particular product, she would give it the go-ahead based on what she was feeling in her gut.


If her gut is telling her to stay away from an item, she is doing just that.


So far, her gut instinct has been fail-proof and hasn’t steered her wrong in the last eight years.


Her Biggest Regret

Let’s face it: none of us are perfect; we’ve all done things that we aren’t proud of and maybe even wish we can go back in time to stop from happening.


But we can’t go back in time, so all we can do is move forward.


Deere’s biggest mistake from which she’s had to move forward: wearing an unfavorable costume.


Think of one of the worst times in history in which 6 billion Jews and millions of others were murdered.


You guessed it: the Holocaust.


One Halloween, Deere dressed up as a German Nazi.


Her intent was to mock Nazis. Instead, she received a reaction from people that she wasn’t quite expecting.


No one was accepting of that outfit.


However, Deere couldn’t just climb into a fetal position and never get out of bed simply because she made a mistake; she had a life to live.


Instead of allowing people to judge that book by its cover, she explained the cover, and kept reaching for new heights. Learn more:


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