Doe Deer, Lime Crime & Cosmetic Success

The cosmetic industry is one of the most fascinating and popular industries on earth. This exclusive field of work hosts some of the most creative minds in society. Maybelline, MAC, Almay and L’Oréal are some of the industry’s biggest names. On the other hand, Lime Crime has steadily climbed the ranks since its inception in 2008. As of today, the brand has gained an enormous cult-following. Changing the face of beauty is the goal and Lime Crime is unapologetic about doing so. Of course, being unapologetic is the company’s slogan, and it personifies this notion to the highest degree.


Founder Doe Deere has singlehandedly transformed the game for the better. At one point in time, consumers could only choose limited colors to match their styles. Lime Crime has stepped in and offered a wide array of colorful hues. This includes wicked, riot, pansy, utopia, black velvet, pink velvet, red velvet, zenon, shroom, pumpkin, cement, polly, teacup, squash, rave and many more vibrant colors. Of course, these colors represent every color of the rainbow. This Russian-born beauty actually relocated to New York City when she was only 17. Deere has stated that living in New York City has forced her to grow-up mighty fast. While in The Big Apple, she would join a local rock band. Music was always a passion of hers since a very young age and now she could finally participate in the festivities. While performing in the band, Deere would meet her soon-to-be husband of the future.


The cosmetics industry has certainly benefited from Doe Deere thanks to what she has brought to the table. Lime Crime has numerous benefits such as being animal-cruelty free as well as being vegan. This cosmetics line offers a huge selection of lipsticks, foundation, eyeliners and lip toppers. “Always follow your heart,” said Deere. You have to find something that you’re good at and then stick with the subject until you master it. She has lived by these very words, and these words have made her a fortune in return. All in all, Lime Crime and Doe Deere is leading by example, and the duo is changing the status quo. Learn more:


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