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Bobby Kotick is the CEO of Blizzard Activision

Bobby Kotick is the CEO of Blizzard Activision, the most prominent video games company in the industry. Some of the games owned by Blizzard Activision include but are not limited to World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Guitar Hero. Bobby Kotick took the role of CEO in 1991 and led the company until 2008, when he oversaw a merger between it and Vivendi. He also became the CEO of the new bigger company.

Born in Long Island, New York, Bobby Kotick moved to the University of Michigan to pursue Art History. However, he was unsure which professional path to follow until he met Steve Jobs, who gave him a lifetime piece of advice. He told him to drop out of college and start his software enterprise, which he did. This is what set the base for who he is today.

His journey to Blizzard Activision began in 1990 when he and his partner, Brian Kelly, bought 25 percent of its shares. At the time, the company was almost going bankrupt. According to Bobby, they even sold some furniture to ensure that all the employees got their pay. However, thirty years later today, Blizzard Activision is doing better than it could have been imagined back then.

Bobby Kotick and Microsoft have a deal underway whereby Microsoft will acquire Blizzard Activision by 2023 at a whopping price of $68.7 billion. Bobby will continue being the CEO but will now be reporting to the Microsoft gaming CEO, Phil Spencer. He will also receive $390 million after the deal is sealed. Most of this money will come from his shares at Blizzard Activision.

According to Bobby Kotick’s mother, he has been a compulsive capitalist ever since he was young. During his high school days, he ran a business that offered entertainment services to teenagers. He also made his first profit by selling an ashtray that belonged to his mother to a friend for 3 dollars.

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