All Hail The Trabuco!

In the past, the trabuco was a magnificent machine. It was a grandiose weapon of war that was feared, respected, cherished and dependable. Kings used this weapon when they wanted to defend their realms. Emperors used the trabuco to conquer other lands and mighty general used he trabuco to ravage enemy fortifications. The trabuco is also known as the trebuchet and this weapon was “king” on the ancient battlefield.

The trabuco is often associated with the Middle Ages according to While the trabuco was first created and used by the Chinese; this artillery piece was made known to the modern world through medieval Europe and the Middle East. Armies from this era in history used the trabuco in many battles that were fought along the battlefields of Europe.


Trabucos were hard weapons to assemble and to operate. They had to be carefully crafted by skilled technicians. These same workers would usually be hired to operate this complex machine. After they erected it they would then have to position this machine for effective firing maneuvers. The trabuco would have to be loaded with a projectile. Most projectile for the trabuco were large stones weighing tons. The crewmen would have to transport these stones and work together to load them into the sling of the weapon.

When the weapon was fired at a target it launched it a great force over a long distance. As the object moved through the air it gained velocity and the pull of gravity brought it crashing down at its target. The great force from the trabuco would then smash hard at a target causing it to crumble.

People everywhere knew that the trabuco was a weapon that they could not trifle with. As long as a capable and knowledgeable crew could operate this war machine; they could effectively wipe out armies and bring down fortresses. People praised the trabuco for being such a great weapon of war. All hail the trabuco!

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