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Bruno Fagali, of Fagali Advocacia, is one of the best-known and most highly-regarded lawyers in Brazil. He has a lot of experience working in public administration. Recently, he has taken his experience and savvy to the private sphere. His firm works in a number of practice areas, including defense and compliance.

Fagali still maintains his ties to the public sector, and continues to practice in the area of public advocacy. Fagali and his firm are rising stars in the legal profession within Brazil. This firm holds itself to the highest ethical standards and truly believes it has a responsibility to the public. As the name on the letterhead, Bruno Fagali is the one who sets that tone and upholds those standards

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In recent years, Fagali Advocacia has been involved in a number of cases involving the press. Many of these cases have involved ground-breaking new advertising laws. The issues of alcohol advertising, and the deceptive use of photoshopped images, have been big news for the Brazilian public. Fagali Advocacia also provides a breakdown of the new rules and their interpretation on the firm’s website. This kind of service makes life much easier for clients and for the general public.

Bruno Fagali himself has written extensively about the importance of ethics for media companies. He understands that in businesses like public relations and advertising, results are everything. But he is emphatic that there are lines which cannot be crossed. His writings serve as a great resource for industry professionals. By reading his articles, they are reminded of what they can and can’t do.

Bruno Fagali was educated at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) and the University of Sao Paulo. His specialisms include Administrative Law and State Law. Since 2006, he has been much sought-after by law firms in the know. In addition to heading his own law firm, Fagali works as Corporate Integrity Manager for Nova/SB.

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