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Juan Monteverde Yacht is a Brand Explicitly Committed to Innovating

Juan Monteverde yacht is a brand explicitly committed to innovating, designing, and building cutting-edge yachts. The company’s original creations are innovative in design, with a particular emphasis on the quality build.  Its first powerboats were built in the 1980s and featured twin water jets. The first Juan Monteverde was finally launched in 2003, featuring an […]


Immigration In the United States- NumbersUSA

It is among the leading grassroots organizations in the United States. NumbersUSA was established in 1996 by Roy Beck with the significant purpose of controlling immigrants in the United States to the original levels. Roy Beck is a journalist by profession. After working for two decades for a media company, he decided to quit and […]

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Why QNET Succeeds

  QNET has been successful because it works with a different set of principles than many other Direct Selling Companies. Rather than emphasizing profit, the company concentrates on service and support for both customers and distributors. QNET achieves success by being different from its competitors and has differentiated itself in the market by focusing on […]


 Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Marwan Kheireddine Recap: How to Build a Global Brand from the Ground Up Marwan Kheireddine has achieved success through his authentic brand and dedication to his craft. As the founder of New York-based fashion brand Marwan, he’s built an international business with a strong local presence. Throughout his career, Marwan has maintained an approachable attitude […]

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Raffaele Riva, the Founder of AUREA Multimedia Office

  Raffaele Riva is an internationally known entrepreneur with a clear success history in managing international financial transactions. He is currently the co-owner and the founder of the AUREA Multi-Family Office. It is famous for its service to wealthy clients from various countries and its customized financial services. Raffaele and his team in the AUREA […]

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Citizen App

Today, citizens expect clear and transparent communication from the government. In response to this demand, government organizations are creating digital services that streamline processes and make information accessible. Citizens are now looking for ways to keep track of their interaction with public services so they can get a better idea of how much time they […]